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About Optic Gallery Family Eyecare - Sparks

Attentive eye care and preventive exams are essential for people of all ages who want to enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes. Our optometrist Matthew Sisson, OD, and the team at Optic Gallery in Sparks, Nevada, meet these needs by utilizing the latest technology and treatments. They welcome patients for routine comprehensive eye exams and comfortable care. 

The Optic Gallery Sparks team provides age-specific eye exams with a variety of tests, including refraction and keratometry. Visual acuity measurements help the team determine every patient’s accurate and up-to-date prescription so they can enjoy contacts and glasses to see clearly. 

Along with advanced specialty contact lenses for conditions like myopia and astigmatism, Optic Gallery Sparks also offers a range of luxury designer glasses frames from popular brands. The team is happy to train anyone approved for contact lenses on how to use and care for them.

The team at Optic Gallery Sparks encourages people with diabetes to visit yearly for diabetic eye exams to detect diabetes-related eye complications like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Additionally, they treat common eye problems like age-related macular degeneration and dry eyes. 

To ensure a timely initial visit, the Optic Gallery Sparks team takes the time to review what to expect over the phone. They answer questions and discuss concerns related to optic health and vision prescriptions. Patients can also fill out their intake forms ahead of the visit to spend less time in the waiting room. 

Optic Gallery Sparks warmly welcomes new and returning patients for personalized care to promote healthier eyes and clearer vision. Connect with the team over the phone to schedule a visit today.